The practice of Intellectual Property Law resides at the intersection of law, science and business. The ability to bridge all three disciplines is what enables the Atesa Legal team to transform your ideas into enforceable rights that capture the essence of your idea, with legal precision, technical accuracy and a structure to properly monetize your Intellectual Property assets.

While the necessary qualifications to practice patent law requires academic training in a hard science and patent law, we believe that there is no substitute for actual hands-on experience. Our Intellectual Property experts typically have a minimum of 30 years of practical experience. This allows us to engage in more productive conversations with you without consuming your valuable time and resources to provide us a basic technical foundation. Instead, we can focus on determining the essence of your inventive concept and explore the boundaries of your ideas in more depth. Similarly, we can more effectively assist with determining market trends and the competitive landscape with the goal of ensuring that your patent claims remain valuable during the life of the patent.

At Atesa Legal, we do not have billable hour minimums, as is the norm in larger general practice law firms. We are focused on our client's goals rather than an artificial quota because we believe in the adage that “your success is our success.” Consequently, we are also not subject to the significant attrition rate of larger law firms. You can feel confident that the attorney you engage with during your initial free consultation will remain on the case throughout the prosecution cycle and subsequently related cases.

We do not have ivory towers, fancy lobbies or unproductive management layers. Instead, we have respect for your limited resources and desire for predictable costs and schedule, responsiveness, flexibility and a quality work product at a fair prices.

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